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Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
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An Instant SEPA Credit Transfer is a quicker way to send money compared to a regular SEPA Credit Transfer. It lets you transfer money almost instantly, any time of day, between bank accounts in SEPA countries. This guide will show you how to send an Instant SEPA Credit Transfer.

⚠️ Only members with permission to initiate payments can send a SEPA Credit Transfer.

Steps to send a SEPA Credit Transfer

  1. Go to Web Banking > Transfer.
  2. Click + New transfer.

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3. Choose Transfer.

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4. Enter the beneficiary’s name and IBAN, then click Continue.

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5. Enter the transfer details like the amount, the custom label, and reference (optional), then click Continue.

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6. Choose Today and Instant transfer to schedule your Instant SEPA Credit Transfer, then click Continue.

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7. Using your mobile device, consent to process your transfer.

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*You’ll be notified that your request is successful and your transfer is being processed.

💡 You can check the details of your transfer in your transaction history.

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Returns and recalls

If you initiated an Instant SEPA Credit Transfer and need to recall the funds, submit a request to Swan Support.

  • You request a recall: sent to the beneficiary’s bank, which verifies and credits funds back to your account.
  • Someone requests a recall from you: you’ll be asked for approval, and the funds are debited back from your account.
  • Transfer return: this happens if the account doesn’t exist or is closed; funds are credited back within 3 business days.
ℹ️ For more details about transaction recalls and returns, read the article on Credit Transfer and Card Payment Fraud Disputes.

If you have any issues making an Instant SEPA Credit Transfer please refer to these articles on delayed incoming transfers and unprocessed outgoing transfers.

If you have further questions, submit a request to Swan Support.

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