Credit transfer and card payment fraud disputes

Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
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If you have a concern about a transaction in your account, or you disagree with a transaction, you can file a dispute with Swan. Read this article to understand and solve financial transaction disputes, such as disputes about credit transfers and card payments.

Credit transfer disputes

Ordinary wire transfers can’t be disputed. However, if you initiated a transfer and need to recall funds,  submit a request to Swan Support.

⚠️ If you suspect a suspicious incoming wire transfer, notify Swan immediately as it may be fraudulent. If you've sent money to a scammer, request a recall and consider involving law enforcement to take legal action.

Reasons to request a transaction recall

  1. The beneficiary’s account details were inaccurate.
  2. You experienced a technical issue while making the transaction.
  3. Your transaction amount was incorrect.
  4. The transaction appears twice in your transaction history.
  5. You think that the transaction may be fraudulent.

Types of credit transfer disputes

There are three ways to dispute a transfer:

  1. You ask for a recall.
  • The request will be sent to the beneficiary’s bank
  • The bank will communicate with the beneficiary to verify the recall request
  • Funds are then credited back to your account
ℹ️ The beneficiary must approve a recall. You should expect a positive response within 15 days. If you do not receive a response within this timeframe, the request is unsuccessful.

2. Someone asks for a recall from you.

  • You (the account holder) will be asked for approval
  • The transaction is debited back from your account if there are sufficient funds

3. Transfer return.

  • This happens when a payment is returned due to reasons like a non-existent account, account closure, or similar issues
  • A transaction will be initiated to credit your account
  • Processed within 3 business days from the outgoing transfer date

Card fraud

When your card is used abusively and you don’t recognize the payment, it falls under a fraud dispute. If you are a victim of fraud, you should report it. The fraud team investigates all fraud claims.

The money will be returned to your account if their investigation finds that the dispute is valid

Filing a card fraud dispute

For a fraud dispute, you need to provide us with:

  1. Provide transaction details.

    Provide information about the transaction in question to aid in the investigation

  2. Fraudulent usage declaration form.

    Complete and sign a Fraud Dispute Form to officially report the unauthorized payment:

     3. Police claim form. Include a police report or Perceval claim form to support the claim (not mandatory).

Following the steps outlined in this article will help protect your finances and ensure a quick resolution. If you have further questions, submit a request to Swan Support.

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