Supporting documents for transaction verification

Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
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To comply with financial regulations, we may request supporting documents to verify the source or destination of funds associated with transactions from your payment account.

Document requirements

For a quick review and validation, make sure your supporting documents are relevant to the transaction in question and meet the following criteria:

  1. Document title: make sure the document clearly states its purpose, such as "Invoice.”
  2. Reference number: each document should have a unique identifier for easy reference, such as an invoice number.
  3. Dates: make sure dates are clearly indicated, and the document was issued within the last 3 months.

    Dates should clearly correspond to those of the transaction in question.

  4. Beneficiary information: your legal name and other personal identifying details.
  5. Issuer information: make sure the document clearly identifies the issuer, for example, a creditor, government authority, or service provider.
  6. Description: an explanation outlining the main points and details of the document, for example, a service and cost breakdown on an invoice.

    The amounts detailed on your documents should correspond to the transaction in question.

  7. Legal compliance (if applicable): make sure documents have valid signatures, official stamps, and meet legal criteria where required.

    đź’ˇ Submit clear, high-quality documents with all relevant information fully visible.

    PDF format is preferred, such as electronic documents or scanned copies. Alternative formats, such as image files (for example, .png) of documents, may also be accepted.

Swan's Transactions team can decline documents that don't match these criteria or are missing details about the source and purpose of the funds, or the transaction details. You may be asked to provide additional documents to complete the verification.


Accepted documents

A variety of documents are considered in transaction reviews. The following table lists commonly reviewed examples.

This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the specific details of the transaction or the individuals involved, other documents may also be accepted.

Purpose Documents required
Personal income
  • Pay slip
  • Proof of compensation or bonus
  • Balance of employer’s outstanding payments
  • Income tax notice
  • Account or bank statements (checking account)
Personal savings
  • Account or bank statements (savings account)
  • Redemption certificate
  • Copy of a loan offer
  • Declaration of donations approved by tax services
  • Proof of origin of donor’s funds
  • Notary’s certificate
  • Declaration of inheritance
  • Notarial deed
Rental or land income
  • Rent receipts
  • Notarized deed of sale
Betting or lottery winnings
  • Copy of the check from the organization
  • Certificate of winnings from the platform
Exchange of goods or services
  • Quote
  • Proforma invoice
  • Invoice
  • Contract
  • Proof of reimbursement
  • Certificate of sale or deed of transfer
  • Certificate from the seller
  • Customs declaration
Company’s treasury
  • Forecast (certified by an accountant) or tax return
  • VAT declaration
  • Certified cash management certificate
  • Certificate from the accountant (loan incomes, dividends, etc.)
Company obligation
  • Copy of the statutes
  • Minutes of the General Assembly
  • Minutes from the relevant general assembly meeting
  • Administration certificate

For any questions or clarification regarding the requested document or transaction verification, please reply directly to the request email.

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