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Need help with UBO guidelines for a company registered in Portugal? This page will show you how to find your company's UBO information and the documents you need.

UBO Term

In Portugal, a UBO is called "Beneficiário Efetivo"1 or "Sócios"2.

Accessing UBO info

You can find your UBO information in the "Registo Central de Beneficiário Efetivo"3 (RCBE), which is the central beneficial owner register.

Approved UBO documents

If the KYC team is unable to access your UBO information from the registry, you may need to submit documents or information to prove ownership:

  • Company: a "Certidão Permanente"4, a RCBE declaration or a Proof of Registration (PoR).
  • Freelancers: a "Comprovativo da Declaração de Reinício de Atividade"5 from the Tax Authority as a proof of registration.
  • Self-employed individuals: a personal tax ID number starting with 1, 2, or 3, to associate yourself with your own business activity.

If the company's ownership is not in Portugal, we’ll require a RCBE declaration for disclosing ultimate beneficial owners. 

Certidão Permanente

  1. Document title: your document indicates that it is a "Certidão Permanente".
  2. Company details: company name, fiscal number, UBO details.

Certidão Permanente.png

Registo Central de Beneficiário Efetivo

  1. Document title: your document indicates that it is a "Registo Central de Beneficiário Efetivo".
  2. Authenticated document issued by the "Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado"6.
  3. Company identification details: declarant details, company name and address.
  4. UBO information: the date of birth, nationality, personal address, tax details and other administrative data of each effective beneficiary.
  5. Type of control: the interest held by each UBO, including their assets, ownership structure and voting rights.

Registo Cent.png

Comprovativo da Declaração de Reinício de Atividade

  1. Authenticated document issued by the Portuguese "Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira"7.
  2. Document title: your document indicates that it is a "Comprovativo da Declaração de Reinicio de Atividade".
  3. Date of creation: the date on which the declaration was made.
  4. Identification details: the tax number and name of the person being taxed.
  5. Residence details: country of residence, personal address and contact details.
  6. Structure of personal income tax and its effective date.

Comprovativo da Declaração de Reinício de Atividade.png

If you have further questions, submit a request to Swan Support.


  1. "Beneficiário Efetivo" translates to "Effective Beneficiary", a person with beneficial interests in a company.

  2. "Sócios" refers to "Shareholders," indicating individuals or entities with holdings in a company.
  3. The "Registo Central de Beneficiário Efetivo" is the Central Registry of Effective Beneficiaries in Portugal.
  4. "Certidão Permanente", translates to "Permanent Certificate", a document with current and official information about a legal entity.
  5. "Comprovativo da Declaração de Reinício de Atividade" means "Proof of Activity Restart", confirming the resumption of business activities.
  6. "Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado" is the Portuguese Institute of Registries and Notary.

  7. "Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira" refers to the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority.

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