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Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
Nonkululeko Ngoloyi
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Close Your Account

Closing your account is a straightforward process. Understand the specific steps and rules for a smooth and secure experience. This article offers guidance for account holders and their legal representatives.

Before initiating the account closure process make sure you have a zero bank balance: transfer all remaining funds out of your account until the balance reaches zero.

Initiating account closure

Send a request to Swan Support

The account holder or the legal representative of the account must initiate the account closure process by submitting a support request, stating that you want to close the account. The email should include the following details:

  • Confirm your email address: send the email from the email address associated with your Swan account, and make sure to include the linked email in your support request.
  • Provide account identification information: include the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) as a unique identifier. If available, an account ID number can also facilitate the process.

Time to closure

Swan Support will provide updates on the status of your account closure. Be patient during this process, as it may take some time to complete the necessary steps.

Account closed for you

Your service provider, a Swan partner, has the authority to close your account for any of the following specific reasons:

  1. You haven't made payments to them for two consecutive months.
  2. Your account is recognized as a duplicate.
  3. You are no longer using their product.
  4. You do not respond to their communication.

ℹ️ Only the account holder or their legal representative can request an account closure; third-party requests require the authorization of the account holder or the legal representative.

If you have further questions, submit a request to Swan Support.

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