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This article details the proof of address document requirements for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) onboarding procedures. Additionally, to comply with financial regulations for capital deposits, a proof of address is mandatory for all shareholders.

ℹ️ Account holders with non-European Economic Area (EEA) passports must submit EEA proof of residency; we only accept proofs from EEA countries.

Accepted proof of address

Your name and address must be clearly visible and match the information you've provided. The following documents are acceptable to provide proof of address:

Document type Description Issuance date Document provider
Utility bills Invoices for essential services like water, gas and electricity. Less than 3 months Official utility provider
Internet bills Invoices for internet services Less than 3 months Official utility provider
Utility provider statement A certificate of contract confirming the terms of your service agreement with your utility provider. Less than 3 months Official utility provider
Tax notices The most recent notice from a tax authority, with a summary of your existing tax liabilities. Most recent (less than 1 year) Government authority
Housing tax notices Your most recent housing or property tax notice. Most recent (less than 1 year) Government authority
Home insurance statement A declarative certificate issued to you, stating the insurance coverage, policy terms, and property details. Less than 3 months Insurance provider
Rental receipts
(🇫🇷 France only)
Records of rent payments issued by professional lessor. In situations of private rentals, we recommend presenting either a rental agreement or one of the other mentioned proof of address documents. We do not accept "Avis d'échéance"* as a rental receipt. Most recent (1 month) Professional lessor, valid private lessor
Rental agreement
(🇫🇷 France only)
A legally binding contract with a property owner or lessor. Less than 3 months Professional lessor, valid private lessor
Census certificate
(🇪🇸 Spain only)
The "Certificado de Empadronamiento" confirms a person's registration at a specific address within a municipality. Less than 3 months Government authority
Certificate of residence
(🇵🇹 Portugal only)
The "Certificado de Residência" confirms your address and legal residence in Portugal. Less than 3 months Junta das Freguesias

⛔️ Bank statements are not accepted as proof of residence.

Proof of address example

Here is a visual example illustrating a proof of address document:

Utility bill

  1. The name of the official utility provider.
  2. Your clearly visible name and address.
  3. Utility bill date within the past 3 months.

Proof of address_Utility Bill.png

If you have further questions, submit a request to Swan Support.


*"Avis d'échéance" is a commonly-used French term to refer to a payment reminder or due notice. People typically get due notices for rent, insurance, or electricity bills.


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