Swan builds infrastructure for businesses to embed financial services. While most types of companies can embed banking services with Swan, some aren't allowed to. This decision has nothing to do with whether we "like" or "dislike" a certain industry. We're open to the idea of opening up our service to more industries in the future! However, we're not currently set up to support businesses that pose a risk to Swan or its partners (brand risk, financial risk, or otherwise).

Furthermore, we must uphold the requirements of the payment networks and institutions that help us run (like Mastercard), as well as the laws of each country we operate in.

Examples of industries we cannot work with:

  1. Sale of arms and weapons

  2. Pornography and other adult services.

  3. Sale of narcotics, cannabis, CBD, illicit drug, synthetics drugs and marijuana

  4. Gambling and casinos

  5. Online pharmaceuticals

  6. Cash transfers

  7. Cryptocurrencies

  8. Remittance

Please note: Being eligible for an account doesn't necessarily mean that the account will be validated.

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